14th Year of Experience in Astrology, Counseling, Dream Interpretation, and Reiki


What Is Astrology?

Astrology is perhaps the most powerful tool for acquiring self awareness.
Astrology is the study of life cycles, which includes not only the cycles of the
outer planets and the earth, but also the cycles of the inner psyche which effect
your subjective perspective, the relationships you choose, your emotional state,
and your peak experiences of transformation.

Astrology uses these cycles to tell us when unconscious aspects of ourselves will be triggered and become manifest in our lives. For this reason, Astrology has become the primary tool for the field of unconscious psychology. It was the works of depth psychologist Carl G. Jung that demonstrated Astrology's power in terms of giving significance to synchronicity, transformative or life altering experiences, or changes in behavior as a reflection of unconscious factors.

Astrology is a spiritual art because it brings us into awareness of our unconscious.
Through our own cycles of experience, we are able to see our own duality at work,
face our own shadow, unveil our unconscious motivations as well as understand the
karma at work in our lives. Again, this is the first step towards loving and
embracing all of humanity. We are all souls in motion around the great wheel of
experience, and we all must experience each stop along the way.
In each lifetime, we re experience each stop through our relationships
with one another, thus renewing our relationship with our own previous incarnations
and perspectives. Astrology proves this with absolute certainty because cyclical transformations of our psyche change our chemistry from one set of relationships to another. We experience this as humans through the chemistry felt when we
fall in or out of love, or even through incredible synchronicities of developing
an interest and then suddenly meeting many people that share that interest
and are able to help you develop it.

For these reasons, astrology is a tool for forgiveness, for deeper love,
for greater discernment regarding experiences that you need to let go of,
and affirmation regarding those that you need to embrace.

Meet Your Astrologer, Bill Walker

Bill has been a teacher, researcher and counselor in the field of Astrology since 1997.  Using his background in Jungian psychology, Bill creates a holistic experience of dream exploration, regression into the emotions and experiences of the past, as well as the dynamics of relationships past and present in order to bring to you and awareness of how your unconscious mind affecrts your everyday reality. 
An empathic healer and Reiki practitioner, Bill brings a compassionate and loving approach to all of his clients.  Bill promises that you will come to know and understand more deeply your purpose in this lifetime, the karma that dictates your cycles of experience, and real solutions towards building the life that you want!